Jewellers Vault

Jewellery, Capalaba

In Capalaba, an open, light and approachable gallery style environment welcomes you. Jewellers Vault embraces the old world charm whilst incorporating a modern flair. Work with our qualified onsite Jeweller Claudia to create something personal that will fit perfectly with your own unique style. Feel comfort in knowing you are speaking directly with the craftsman who will perform your work, allowing you to realise your vision. In doing so, you can discuss any special features you would like to add to your design.

From the local artwork available for purchase, to the divergent workshop layout within retail space, you will feel part of the Jewellers Vault family. Based in Capalaba for 7 years, Jewellery manufacture, repairs and restoration are our passion. Jewellers Vault is an experience where you share in the excitement of your creation and design. Where Jewellery is both enjoyable and beautiful. It is especially important to us that we are dealing with the most sentimental items you own. This knowledge is at the forefront of our thoughts everyday.

With a focus on customer service, quality craftsmanship and an overall enjoyable experience, it isn’t hard to see why Jewellers Vault leads the pack. Where repair is concerned, Jewellers Vault, in Capalaba, aims to provide fast time frames and quality work. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand how important your Jewellery is to you. Our unique approach to Design allows you, the Client, to have a vast input into the process. In doing so this allows for a more enjoyable and less stressful experience. With rave reviews on many platforms including Facebook and Google+ be sure to get your name on the Jewellers Vault Client list today.


Jewellery Repairs onsite Capalaba