Searching for that extra Special Piece of Jewellery and can’t find it anywhere?

Have it Designed and Made for you! Exactly the way you want it to look.  Jewellers Vault Award Winning, Qualified Jeweller works with you to design, create and make the Jewellery you dream of! You might have the entire piece worked out or you may just have a rough idea, either way, Jewellers Vault will help. Sit with the Jeweller directly and discuss your needs. The style you like to wear, the metal you most favour and the gemstones you most desire and design something extra special you will cherish forever.


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Need a Gift to Remember a Special Moment?

Visit Jewellers Vault in Capalaba, TODAY and find Jewellery for your special moment to remember. Jewellers Vault has a Selection of Fine Jewellery in-store and will order pieces in specifically for you, charms, earrings, chains etc. Searching for a specific charm or style of chain? Just ask Jewellers Vault in Capalaba. Unique Jewellery is noticed. Why not create something special that not only turns heads, but also holds special meaning to you. You might like to incorporate your age, this is popular as 18th or 21st gifts. You might like to hide a heart in the design to show someone how much you care. When you sit directly with the Jeweller doing the work, you can add any special, meaningful ideas you like to your Jewellery.


Have you broken your favourite Ring? Lost a Stone from your Ring or Pendant? Perhaps you need your White Gold rings Rhodium Plated? Or are you just looking for a little advice?

Jewellers Vault in Capalaba can help! From ring resizes and chain solders to supplying matching stones and rebuilding an entire setting. Jewellers Vault Capalaba invites you to have a seat and discuss your needs directly with the Jeweller.

The On-site Jeweller endeavors to educate everyone on how best to care for their Jewellery. How to keep it looking amazing, feeling great and ultimately enhancing your look and personality like it should. With a little attention to detail, your Jewellery too can last a lifetime and beyond, let Jewellers Vault in Capalaba show you how, today.


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