Paw Print Hearts

My Dog left a Paw Print on my Heart the day we met.Big Paw Print

My whole life I’ve had the honour of being a pet owner. I remember as a young child we had chickens, a bird, a couple of cats and a dog. Until the dog had 9 puppies, then we had 10 dogs for a time! Dogs were always my favourite. Maybe it has to do with the shape of their Paw Print, or the way they love unconditionally. It definitely has something to do with that adorable head tilt they all seem to know how to do! As an adult I wanted nothing more than my very own dog. When the time came, I carefully selected someone who stole my heart straight away. His cheeky little face and bouncy energy had me in love. So Nitro entered my family.

Being in the industry of designing and making Jewellery, I decided I wanted a necklace that represented the place in my Heart that Nitro put his Paw Print. I searched and searched to find something. Nothing hit the mark in terms of quality and cuteness for me. I wanted something real, real gold or real silver. Something that would last. I found nothing. So I set about designing my very own.  After a few design changes, I settled on this Design. I love it. Then one day, I had the idea, to make it even more special. Not every dog/cat is the same, so why should every pendant be the same. I am now personalising each pendant by adding your pet’s name! How cute!

I make several versions now.

You can have a name tag separate to the heart, this is a great option if you have more than one dog as I can make additional name tags for each one.

Or I can stamp your pet’s name directly onto the heart itself. This is limited to 9 letters but can also be two sided for those who have two pets.

Did you notice there are also two styles? I have also created a Cat version for the Cat lovers among us.


Each pendant and chain is solid and available in Sterling Silver and can be made in Gold. Due to the time taken to produce these pieces there is a 4-6 week wait on orders.

Pricing begins at $145 and includes a 45cm chain, Paw Print Heart Pendant and Personalised Name Tag.

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